Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Pinterest Picks

Who would have thought it.. Another social media doo dah that I've got a slight addiction for. So, if like me, you want some more pins for your boards, here are my top Pinterest Pics for this week! They aren't all just beauty, rather a collection of interesting things. Hopefully some of them you'll love, some you might attempt and some you'll Pin..
Here's to hoping! 

Martha Stewart Fish Bowl Gelatin.

How chuffed would you be if that was placed in front of you? It's awesome for all ages! Not many ingredients, quite simple and a winner!

How to Make a Smoothie (Click for full image)

I love this. A five step graphic to making better smoothies with choices for all the steps. Great for those of us trying to eat more fruit and veg/lose weight. Personally have gleaned so much inspiration from this one.

Mint Nail Art

I say this now (before I've attempted it, granted) that it looks as if it COULD be easy to execute. A few colours, a few dots, a few lines... easily editable and the combination of elements make it really rather pretty. I'll get back to you on the ease scale...

Mac Lipstick Dupes (Click to see full image)

For the MAC lovers among us who may not have £15 to spend on a lipstick this helpful infographic means we don't have to miss out! Major Love.


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