Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Shine Nail Paint in Papaya and Greenberry

Likelihood is you've already either got one of these polishes or have read many a review about them. Great value for money, hi-shine and a quick drying time makes these Barry M polishes a must have for any polish lover. The colours alone are fabulous, the formula great.. but I wanted to show you what else you can do with them. Enter Barry M 350 Diamond Glitter.....

Look here at this fabulous Papaya, the perfect colour for summer... want to jazz it up?
Bam! Disco nails in an instant. I don't know if it is my application technique or what but I had many problems with this polish. It highlighted every flaw my nail had (therefore why I put the topcoat on in a bid to disguise said ugliness!). This glitter gives an extra dimension to an already fabulous polish. I would personally recommend you wait a LONG TIME between the base and the top coat colour as I experienced the horrible tacky blutack nail... not what you want when your manicure looks this fabulous...

But wait.. check out Greenberry...
This is one of my favourite combinations as I think the glitter really sets off the green of the base. It is sure to get you a fair few compliments too as it really is a unique combination... unfortunately not suitable for work.
If you have a few pennies knocking around.. at £3.99 you can't really say no. Especially when it is 3 for 2 at Boots right now..

So what do you think? Do you agree with the top coat or would you choose to wear it plain?

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

TAG: Beauty Things I Suck At!

Hello everyone!
A tag I've read and I really enjoy... I present the Beauty Things I SUCK at!

I hate putting blusher on. I either go overboard or put it in the wrong place. I have the right tools, I can do the contouring bit but as soon as I brandish that pink tipped brush at my face all hell breaks loose and half the time I could audition for clown college. Le sigh....

My eyebrows are the bane of my life. Filling them, tweezing them.. they never look right and never look the same. Yes, this is where professional help comes in. However  I got them threaded once and I looked rather surprised so I'm slowly building up the confidence and money to go see the Benefit girls at their brow bar (many good reviews!)...

False Eyelashes
HOW DIFFICULT IS THIS?! I can't even explain this one. I am inept. I'd be more skilled at knitting a jumper for an ant I'm sure. I think this may be a practice makes perfect kind of thing.

Nail Care
With the amount I review/paint my nails this is a terrible sin. It doesn't help that my job means my hands are constantly wet so my nails become brittle but I very rarely file and use cuticle oil. Aint nobody got time fo' that...

So ladies (and gents), what are YOUR beauty bugbears? The things you wish you could but don't ever do?
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat

My name is Charlie and I have an addiction. An addiction to nail varnish.
There, I said it. The majority of my posts have been regarding the polishes I buy and use. So here we go.. another one for you. This has been blogged about so many times recently I was going to leave it to others to inform you all. But I just couldn't help it...

L'Oreal Confetti is fabulous, black and white matte glitter for a sophisticated and simple nail art effect... however don't just swatch it over pastels and nudes like oh so many have.....
Ignore the smudgy smudgy on the blue thumb :)

Here it is over No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in Crave Me (red/coral) and Stand Back (blue). Bet it would look amazing over a bright yellow too... (Reminder I do need to buy one of those).

This little bottle of joy is expensive at £4.99 for 5ml but as it is so versitle I think its worth it... do you?
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