Wednesday, 16 April 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in 'Let's Skate!'

MAC paint pots. Who has one? Now, who has a maybelline colour tattoo? More hands up that time I guess! Considering you can buy three for the price of one paint pot surprised I am not, however that doesn't mean you should not give these little beauties a side eye..

Let's Skate! is a beautiful baby pink shade infused with gold microglitter (think less discoball and more chic shimmer) which acts as a suberb base for eyeshadows as it will turn any shadow into a party perfect shimmer shade and keep it on throughout the day for perfect peepers. On it own it is a rather light sheer wash of colour that is more shimmer than glitter that gives a more sophisticated shine when caught by natural or artifcial light. Longevity is brilliant, my eyeshadow stays put all day when I wear this beauty. They are soft, but not too soft, meaning you can blend them easily but one catch of the eye won't spread the creamy texture up your face.
Absolutely brilliant one would say!

My opinion? Buy one.. but buy one in a shade you can use day in, day out something adaptable and something you love. The colours in the paintpot range surpass those you can find in similar high street dupe ranges meaning not only is there something for everyone, but more than likely something that you'll like.

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lush Bunch Of Carrots

If you go into Lush this Easter there is a product you should pick up for novelty value alone. And this is it. I present to you.... a Bunch of Carrots!

Three carrot shaped bubble bars for £5.95. Same as any bubble bar really, swish around the bath to create as many or as few carrots as you so wish. This bit really does make me chuckle, after all I'm swishing a carrot around the bath...

The bubbles created are of decent size and the water will turn a pale orange shade.  Depending on how you like your bubbles these could either last you 6 baths or 12. Most importantly how does it smell? Luckily not of carrot - they are fruity and tropical (after all they contain grapefruit, lemon and Buchu (which is a South African shrub apparently) oils .

So this Easter rather than a chocolate egg, why not ask for a Bunch of Carrots?
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Monday, 24 February 2014

Herbal Essences Bee Strong Strengthening Intensive Mask

Herbal Essences is a brand that more than likely you will have experienced but definitely heard of. With a new advertising campaign featuring a luscious-locked Nicole Scherzinger making some rather questionable shouts of YES! it's a product that is very much in the spotlight right now. Recently the Bee Strong Strethening Intensive Mask (seriously, how long is the name?) was a super snip at £1.99 so I picked it up to test on my dry, damaged and coloured hair.

 The consistency of the Herbal Essences Masks are what you'd expect of a good hair mask- thick and creamy so you can really work it into the hair and leave it to soak in. Obviously, with the brand they are known for their tasty smelling wares and this one is no different - honey and apricot which once washed out leaves a subtle fragrance.
So, whilst in the shower you work it into your hair (from root to tip) and leave it on for a while. Personally I try and do everything else whilst this is soaking into my hair so that this product has more time to work into my hair. If it is really dry, get out the shower and wash it out after an hour.
It is billed to help repair combing damage and provide silky soft hair. Does it?
I've used it a few times now and it has indeed made my hair softer however I have yet to notice any repair of my hair. Will I continue to use it? Yes! Would I recommend it? Yes, however don't expect miracles. If you are looking for a conditioner that will smoothen and soften then do pick this up, especially when it is on offer however it really is not a super sproblem solver.

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Collection Cream Puff in 'Angel Delight'

Happy Sunday, everyone!
You know when you look at a product and just don't try it because you think it looks rubbish? Well try it, because you might just find a new must-have.

Today a post regarding Bloggers favourite, the Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream in Angel Delight* - a velvet matte finish lip cream. I initially bypassed this as I received it in my goody bag at a blogger meet up and the colour just looked, to put it bluntly, vile. I tried it on a whim the other day and was seriously impressed with it.

Firstly it smells amazing - if you aren't a fan of strongly scented products you won't like this, it's a very sweet, almost chocolate smell. Secondly - the finish is gives the lips is perfect and it applies as such. It's almost a whipped mousse texture and the applicator is great in terms of applying the product as lets face it, there is NOTHING worse than having a good lip product with a rubbish applicator.
The staying power of this is really quite something - you can get a good few hours with eating and drinking and still have a trace of it left which impressed me. They are really pigmented too, giving a full wash of colour straight away. One niggle is that if your lips are dry the cream will highlight this so give them a good scrub pre-application.

The colour I have isn't the greatest... a terracotta brown which really is not for everyone and will not flatter all colourings. I use this as a work lip product as it isn't too out there but in some lights it can look a tad orange for my liking. However paired with a simple eye it does give an effortless chic look  because however much I wish I could, sometimes I just can't wear a bright lip.

So, if you haven't already I recommend you try these. Perhaps not this particular shade but with 3 others to choose from there is a colour for everyone. Another use for these are as cheek products, which I am yet to try, so this colour could work for a different purpose - I'll let you know with that one.

£2.99 here! (Remember it's 3 for 2 at Boots at the moment...)

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Illamasqua Cream Foundation in 210

Recently illamsqua had a super sale on. With free delivery. You know what that means....
After a lot of research and a fingers crossed moment hoping this would match my skin tone, the Illamasqua Cream Foundation was added to my basket and I was £4.50 lighter (Yes, £4.50. A fraction more than a Starbucks and way better than the £23 price tag it wears in Selfridges).

The foundation itself is very thick. I've tried blending it with my fingers, a sponge and a stippling brush and found the stippling brush to be best. Top tip was to moisturise the face then rather sharpish add the foundation to allow blending a lot easier as at first it felt like I was pushing cement around my face. Classy.

Aside from the application issues the foundation itself offers a very high coverage, disguising unsightly redness and freckles however visibly and clingy on patches of dry skin and around the corners of the nose. Once applied (properly) it leaves a lovely matte finish that looks natural, ridiculously smooth and leaves a flawless base for you to start building your colour upon.

On my skin this lasted only a few hours and this is because I kept rubbing at it because of the aforementioned issues. So a bit of a mixed bag really. For what I paid for it.. a bargain. If I'd of paid full price I would be grumpier than Grumpy Cat.
I'm sorry for the lack of swatches but without making my skin look vile- ain't nobody got time for that.

So keep an eye on the website as if you see it cheap, worth it, even if you use as a concealer, if not stay clear! 

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Body Shop Hair Chalk in Tickle Me Pink

I work in a corporate environment where pink tips just won't cut it. That means any kind of trend is a big no-no? Ombre? If I want a disciplinary yes, if not then a non permanent alternative is a must. This is wear the Body Shop Hair chalk comes in. Available in two colours - Tickle Me Pink and Falling For Blue they are on trend and work on both dark and light hair. 

This small round pot holds the key to on trend, colourful tips or highlights in a very quick, simple and easy way. All you do is on dry hair (that has a leave in conditioner in if you hair is super dry) run the desired hair between the pot and your finger, brush the hair and hairspray to seal in the colour. Sounds simple non?
Well firstly do listen to the box and put a towel over your shoulders as it is messy work. I didn't use gloves as it does come off rather quickly but if you are prone to mess/touching things then do. Once hairspraying into my hair and brushing again I was left with a rather fetching:

The first photo is freshly applied, the second is after brushing and hairspraying. The colour is buildable so for a stronger effect add more. After sealing the colour in with the hairspray I didn't see any fallout onto clothes and I did sleep on it and found only a litter transfer onto the pillow so for those of you with lighter sheets perhaps sleep with a towel. I decided after this I wanted to straighten my hair but was worried about running heat over dry, chalked and hairspray so I improvised and rubbed  a little L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil over the ends (see a review of this multi-use product here!) crossed my fingers and went for it. Extra brushing did take some more colour out of the hair however the result....

.... was amazing! I loved it. I also wore a white jumper the evening and encountered no transfer. 
Now, for the main thing. I have over processed, dry and damaged hair. Would it leave a trace? Would my crazy hair suck the colour in and I'd be forever pink and facing a stern telling off from work? Nope! It fully washed out! Win!

 So, fancy a change? Go for it! For £5 in-store or online it would be a shame not to, as if like me you are limited to what you can do it means you no longer have to miss out!

What do you guys think? Let me know!

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna

Another MAC Lipstick. Wow. Totally original content, eh? At first I was reluctant to post this however after some thought (and swooning over the colour some more) I wanted to give it the spotlight it rightly deserves.

MAC has released Viva Glam Rihanna, a cool toned, frosty red. More on the shade later, as what I really want to talk about is the ethos behind it. Every penny after the tax goes to MAC Aids Fund which helps men, women and children living with AIDS or HIV. I think the thing that resonates the most here is the fact that all the proceeds go to the charity. Apart from the Clinique & Lulu Guinness Kiss it Better product I can't think of any other brand that is doing the same right now. Surely that should be changed? I don't know about yourself, but I'm happy to buy a charity product and reap the benefits of a new lipstick. 

The problem, you could say, is that why should there be a need for people be rewarded for donating to charity? It is such a selfless act that we shouldn't be encouraged to do yet, myself included, we are more likely to do so. It is a token to show our support, the same as wearing a Poppy on Armistice day or a red nose. We enjoy showing people our beliefs, what we are made of! That is why I think more companies should do the same. After all, one charity product out of a whole range is barely going to dent their profits now, is it?

Now onto the shade!

Viva Glam Rihanna is a cool toned red, one of those that make your teeth whiter than they actually are which everybody can take advantage of. Being cool toned it means its also one of those reds that can suit many different skin tones and colourings. The main problem with this lipstick, and something that has been commented on by many is that the formula is a frost formula which makes people think of big hair and 80's music. However it does have a shimmer but to me it makes me lips look slightly metallic which really is a win and gives the shade an unusual yet likeable gleam in the sunlight. 
I will say one thing: this lipstick will benefit so much from a lipliner as it bleeds like no other.
And a note on the packaging: a duo chrome black and red? It almost feels like NARS packaging but really does stand out from the others in the Viva Glam range. I'd buy it (and initially did) just for the bullet!

So what do you think? Will you be buying it or does the frost put you off?
How do YOU feel about charity pouts?

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna is £15 on MAC counters or online.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

I have unruly, curly and bleach damaged hair. I open with this because this bottle of oil really lives up to its name, it really is extraordinary. 

The L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary oil is a multi use hair oil that can be used in a manner of different ways from heat protection to smoothing. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a lock lid to avoid spillages which is rather handy when it is rattling around the bottom of your drawer (or is that just mine). The consistency of it is rather runny for a hair oil so when you pump it into your hand you do need to be careful.

I personally use it after I get out of the shower and massage two pumps into my hair or after styling and my hair feels smoother and less unruly. You can also use it before shampooing but I haven't really   reaped any extra benefits from doing so. However some of the benefits it boasts includes offering great shine and feels silky which I can't really deny. It also offers UV and heat protection so all in all, a great all-rounder.

Oh, it smells super-duper too. Really it does!

So try it. It gets a thumbs up from me as it is a great multi-purpose product which saves space, meaning theres more room in the drawer for other products! Want to try it? Well it really is great value for money I feel, as its £9.99 and its basically three products in one!

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream

The ugly side of beauty. The bit that goes on behind closed doors. Perhaps not the most glamourous of subjects but today I'm talking hair removal. At the recent East Midlands Meet Up (#eastmindsmeetup) I received this in the pretty amazing goodie bag, so thought I'd give it a whirl.
The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream* is a cream that removes hair within the shower, and is done and dusted in 10 minutes max. Sounds good already right? Especially as it claims to be 'smooth for up to 7 days'. All you do is spread it onto the skin with the provided spatula 2 minutes before the shower. This is where it gets a tad complicated. It's akin to icing the top of a cupcake... same consistency and same tool. Once you have the method down, it's pretty easy and it smells only a tad chemically and waxy. For this test I tried the legs as I figured it would be the easiest place!
Once in the shower you wait another 3 minutes then remove it (well.. scrape it off your skin) with the spatula. Luckily its quite ergonomic so it hugs the curve of your leg when you scrape. Then viola. It's done.

Outside of the shower my legs did feel silky smooth however in all honesty.. this isn't for me. Let's face it.. it is a lot of faff. It does last a little longer than the tried and tested shaving method but for noe, I'll be sticking with my trusty razor. Until the next hair-escapade!

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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo Lash Mascara & Giveaway

Oooh check it, snazzy leafy looking mascara. You want it already don't you? Not going to lie, this is purely one of the reasons why I may have bought it whilst haulin' in NYC. Physicians formula is an american brand which I believe will be hitting english shores some day soon but until then, never fear for I am here with a chance for you to sample it for yourself.

The Organic Wear Masacara range boasts 100% natural ingredients (70% from organic farms don't you know) , are fragrance free and hypoallegenic. But how does it perform?

The mascara itself is very wet so do be careful when you apply it otherwise you may end up with the dreaded panda eye look which is all so fashionable (and all so frustrating). It coats the lashes generously in one sweep and the jumbo brush means its very easy to build up the lashes for a fuller look. In regards to curl and lengthening this mascara doesn't provide however for a fuller lash it really is absolutely perfect.

And let's just linger on the absolutely perfect packaging shall we? It really is rather beautiful and compliments the ethos of the range perfectly.. you could say it goes together as perfect as a blogger and muji storage.....

So, fancy trying it? Well it came in a duo so I have a spare for you to win! All you need to do is enter the below giveaway for your chance. The giveaway will end on 14th February. UK only. Winner will be contacted on Twitter.
Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Monday, 3 February 2014

ARK Skincare Regenerating Skin Defence

Bonjour!  Today I have a product I very kindly received back in November. Which I know, was a fair while ago. Fail. So, why post about it now? Well I've used it so I want to put my two cents in... After all, there's no point posting about something you haven't used right?

ARK Skincare is a brand with a great company ethos, designed with your individual skin in mind, understanding how we all differ and to provide the tools to achieve 'your own personal skincare solutions'. They also do not test on animals, an issue close to many peoples heart with an ever conscious society. Brownie points already!

The Ark Regenerating Skin defence* is designed for under moisturisers to defend against ageing, environmental stress and is to aid skin regeneration. Big claims eh? As you can see, it contains a whole host of skin helping ingredients: vitamins B C and E, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid which plumps and improves firmness and camelina oil which boasts skin elasticity improving properties. 

The texture of the gel is quite thick and smells quite fruity. It does have a strong scent indeed so be aware. It is easy to apply, glides onto the skin and soaks it quickly which leaves the skin glowing and insanely soft. You really can feel a difference once applying this and I personally can see a difference, it makes my skin look radiant in a word. I have used this continuously now for months and it has been a saviour for my skin whilst the weather has been questionable. I haven't noticed any anti-wrinkle properties due to my lack of wrinkles but hopefully the use will keep my skin firmer for longer. I also find it helps the moisturiser you follow with sink in with ease leaving your skin with a healthy plumpness.

And the packaging.. Well who doesn't like a snazzy pot? This innovative pot.. You turn it so one turn is enough for the whole face! Solves that age old problem of hygiene, if you haven't washed your hands you don't have to keep calm and carry on because.. It will never happen! Only downside is not knowing how much you've actually got left!

So as I said I've been using this for a few months now and I can say, hand on heart, scouts honour etc that this is absolutely fabulous. My skin has improved, it feels softer and I when I stopped using it boy did I know about it. Skincare is subjective, not many are alike but in my case this stuff has provided results and is the bees knees.  However it is worth mentioning that all this doesn't come cheap. This product is £42, which whilst not up there in the high end category is still going to make a dent in your salary. The benefits I've found with it really do make it worth it though and when you have good skin, not only do you feel fabulous but you also look it too (insert imagery of me walking through Selfridges with people turning to stare at my clear and radiant skin.. wishful thinking perhaps).
Next time you are looking around for some products for a Skincare shakeup look towards ARK skincare perhaps as yes, a tad pricey maybe, but worth every penny?
Oui oui! 

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

MAC 'Snob'

When in New York I ventured into the MAC store. Among many other things (and a very high credit card bill to pay) I left with this. MAC Snob (Satin finish). A Light pink, cool toned which on the lips is similar to the colour of candy floss. Being a MAC lipstick, it almost smells like candy floss too. On the lips it glides on but it is rather drying.. if you've flaking, dry lips stay clear of this bad boy as it highlights every little flaw (as you can see in the swatch down below). For the payoff, it performs, being opaque in one swipe and it lasts 2-3 hours if you don't eat. Or drink.
The only problem I've found with this shade is pairing it with eyeshadow. Unless you are going au naturale, I've found it a tad hard to pull off (for my liking anyway) without looking like a young girl playing with her first lipstick! (Incase you were wondering, I pair it with a light grey eyeshadow and lashings of mascara).

So, what do you think? A staple in your collection or something to pass up on?

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Bakewell Soap Company Luscious Lips in Palma Violets

Whilst attending the #eastmidsmeetup back in October (oh so long ago) in the goody bag I recieved this little gem. At first I cast it off as nothing but a job move and a heater blasting in my face for 8 hours a day left with with a lip situation that made me look twice.

This is where I present to you The Bakewell Soap Co. Luscious Lips in Palma Violets*.  The Bakewell Soap Co. is handmade in Derby (not so far away from me at all, which is nice to know)  and make soaps and other products with natural and organic ingredients. A look around their website gives you a great insight into the company and their ethos. Normally not one for the homegrown product, I really like the way the website isn't too preachy and tells it like it is. Pretty awesome in my opinion and it will make me look twice at beauty products closer to home from now on.

So onto the review. Firstly.. yes. It smells EXACTLY like those childhood favourites which is especially nice on the lips, really pleasant. Made with Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Vitamin E they go onto the lip and stay there for a while, to guard against the dry and harsh elements. Unlike vaseline you can really feel that there is a layer there and it applies like a lipstick, not too hard and not too soft so you end up with it half way up your face and one touch and its gone forever. I used this solidly for a week and I really did feel an improvement. And let's just point out the applicator shall we? Easy to apply with a little dial so the product doesn't get smushed. Perfect.

As I'm sure you have gathered, I really like the product. It is £2.95 which is on par with high street lip balms so it's not going to break the bank. It is also free from parabens and petroleum based ingredients so you are paying for quality products rather than... well less than quality stuff.

What do you think? Will you be trying them?

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Monday, 20 January 2014

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 'In the Stars' and 'Star Shower'

If you read this blog, you will know I'm a big fan of the No7 Stay Perfect Range. I'm especially a fan when those lovely £3 off makeup vouchers come around. As they are out once again, I thought it only fitting that I shared some of the new polishes available to you.
As always, these polishes only require one coat and are long wearing. They do have a a high shine element but a top coat will add that extra diamond shine, so to say.

My favourite is 'In the Stars'. A multi tonal top coat glitter that adds subtle shimmer to any polish. Add it to a nude = work acceptable glam. Add it to pink= super girly barbie nails. Add it to a dark blue= an interesting, comment inducing stunner. It's not one to wear alone as you really don't experience the full benefit of it. This polish is a must have, an essential for any nail lovers collection as it gives you so many more options for your nails. Jazzy!

Star shower is a metallic brown shade with tiny blue and gold glitters giving it a interesting shimmer when hit by natural light. It isn't too IN YOUR FACE so again, one that you could style on your nails in the working environment. It's a sophisticated colour, and not one that many will like but it is a hidden gem, something you may well look over whilst perusing the stands at No7.

So there we have it, two options on which you could spend your money on.
Now just call me an enabler.

£6 here.  Or wait until the money off vouchers are knocking around :)

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

MUA Luxe Power Brow in Mid Brown

Last year was the year of the bow, a trend that is still going strong and looks unlikely to be fading into makeup history anytime soon. Wether it be a tad defined, bold and beautiful or thick the brow is the perfect tool to finish the face off, tidy it up and polish up your appearance without having to do too much.

A not so new contender for being the ultimate brow tool is the MUA Luxe Powerbrow. A wind up eyebrow pencil with a highlight to lift the brow as well as add definition. I've been using the shade mid brown, and lets just say I won't be putting it down anytime soon. The pencil is soft, but not too soft, making natural looking strokes easy to achieve but with more pressure a defined brow is in within reach too. The highlighting aspect of the pencil is a bit hit and miss as it is very gold, but once blended properly it does give the illusion of a higher lift.
The packaging of the MUA Luxe line is just that.. luxurious (when compared to their other offerings). The gold lettering does rub off however the tube is sturdy enough.

As you can see it adds a lot of definition without breaking the bank. Please excuse the tired eyes, but I wanted to show the product on its own to show how good it really is in polishing the face up without any other makeup. Super awesome, am I right? And quick. Like 'I-have-2-minutes-to-get-ready-for-work' quick.

So.. why do I love it so much?
Thats cheaper than a Starbucks!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

NOTD - China Glaze 'Fast Track'

Perhaps a little belated, baring in mind this came out a while ago, but now the new Catching Fire movie is out I'm kidding myself into thinking that this late post is ok. Yes, I forgot about this little gem. China Glaze 'Fast Track' from The Hunger Games Capitol Colour Collection.
It is a beige, nude shade with very finely milled gold glitter throughout which gives it shimmer rather than shine. In normal light it can look quite subtle and plain but when it catches the light it really does shine. Meaning that for all you ladies that are restricted from wearing anything jazzy on your nails due to work can sport this colour and get away with it.*

And its £4.52 here.

*this isn't guaranteed, I take no responsibility if not!
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