Friday, 29 June 2012

China Glaze Nail Polish Lacquer 'Pool Party'

Hi everyone.
Today I wanted to do a review on the China Glaze 'Pool Party' polish, a bright matte neon pink polish. Because neon is all the rage, and after purchasing the orange Models Own polish I decided to branch out. Normally I wouldn't buy expensive brands but this seller is from America and I got this for approx. 5 pounds with delivery included. Cheap!
I would just like to point out how much of a nightmare this was to photograph. It still doesn't accurately represent the colour. Think Barbie pink but neon and you'd be half there! As you can see from the swatch, it does dry matte but I prefer a glossy topcoat so on went my Seche Vite top coat.
The formula of this polish is questionable. It needed three coats and it was very streaky. Partly why I put top coat on as it covered the streaks but was still patchy in places. I don't know if this is just the formula as I have 'Fast Track' from the Hunger Games collection and don't have issues like this? The brush is very thin which I don't mind but I know some people do.

With this said it looked fabulous on the nails until this happened:

This was after one day. I work in a bar so I expected some chips, but it just flaked off! It's on my toenails too and it's done exactly the same! Not impressed!
 I love the colour but the polish? Not so much.
Has anyone else experienced this or is it just me? Let me know!

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat 7 Day Trial

I always said I was going to review affordable products on this blog, and a YSL product isn't exactly one of them. However as this was free I feel that it's ok to do it just this once.

So down to the local Debenhams with my voucher I went and sat down to get colour matched (the lady said that you didn't actually need the voucher, but this might be just this counter). After comparing two colours on my skin to see which I prefered this was what I was given:

1 7 day Trial of the foundation and two sachets of Youth Liberator serum. As for the foundation its fantastic. The coverage is medium so if you want to hide things, this isn't for you but with this foundation I doubt you are going to need highlighter. It is made without powder so it doesn't block and highlight your pores, just leaves a natural finish (that glows). I wore this to work and people did comment on how bright my skin looked. One issue with this is that it is fragranced, in a perfume way. It is quite strong but i think this depends on personal preference.
I am sorely tempted to buy this foundation as I think it embodies everything you need from a foundation. The best thing is this sample was free so there is no excuse for you not to try it yourself.

As an added extra the very lovely lady gave me a sample of YSLs shocking mascara. Volume it does give and I experienced minimal clumping with this product. The brush applicator is plastic with small spikes which help seperate the lashes. This one does smell though. Like perfume. I have it on now (because of the photo) and I can smell it so I'm thinking I'm going to have to take it off. Probably won't be purchasing this one.

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Hi everyone! Just a quick line to tell you about some make-up and skincare sample freebies going around.

Maybelline BB Cream Sample
Get three sachets of their new light shade BB cream! BB creams are great, especically for days when lighter coverage is wanted.

Une Foundation Sample
Done via boots, get a free 1ml Sample.

YSL 7 Day Trial Sample
This is what I was most excited about. Click to print the voucher and take to any participating YSL counter for a free sample of their new Touche Eclat Foundation!
I have this and am planning a review :)

Garnier Ultralift Challenge
Register and get 14 free sachets of their Ultralift cream!

Get in there quickly and don't miss out!
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Monday, 25 June 2012

NOTD - Fantasy Fire Remix

I love fantasy fire. The colours it throws out when sunlight hits it reminds me of oil on the road. As the sun is making an appearance I thought I would get it out. The problem with it, as anyone who has it already knows, it takes about 4 coats to have any decent colour on the nail so it is better used layed over a base. So to enhance the shine I used it over Models Own 'Sterling Silver'. I think it looks good and when the light hits it.. well get your sunglasses!
(Sorry about the smudge on the middle finger, didn't notice until I'd uploaded the pic)

Models Own 'Sterling Silver' £5.00
MaxFactor 'Fantasy Fire' £3.99
(Both at Boots)

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nail Rocks Polka Dots/Striped

Because I'm not very good at nail art but still want nice nails, whilst perusing a local drugstore I saw these and thought why not give them a go. The kits come with everything you need however for ease I would use your own nail file as the teeny tiny one they supply is hard to work with. Application is easy enough: line up, stick and push! My problem is when they've stuck and filing the end off (as per the instructions). Maybe its because my nails aren't long, or just need to practice, but the edge looked very tatty.
I only decided to do them as a nail accent as I didn't think I had the patience to do my whole hand. As for wear time? I will let you know if they are still standing! For £6.65 I feel that they are nice to use as a treat and for special occassions but a lot of effort for standard daywear.

Have you tried them? What do you think?
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NOTD - 'Tropical Island'

 Love this colour, 'Tropical Island' by 17. It has subtle gold shimmer in which is perfect for summer. To add a bit of glitter I used Orly nail polish in a gold glitter (its name evades me, bad Charlie) which I think works really well.
17 'Tropical Island' is £2.99 and the ORLY polish £4.99.

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17 Fest Of All Kit

Hey Everyone! Just a heads up about a promotion that Boots are doing (another promotion you say?!) on 17 cosmetics. Spend £6 on 17 and get a free gift. So is it worth it? Well this is what you get

1) 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish in 'Tropical Island'. £2.99.
I've done a NOTD for this here, but the colour is a lovely orange coral with tiny flecks of gold in which sparkle when the light hits it. Only 2 coats needed.

2) 17 Instant Glow Body Bronzer. £4.99.
Can't say I'm a fan of this, I'd rather go on the sunbed. It doesn't rub off on clothes which is a bonus but the colour pay off isn't much. With that said the size is perfect for a night out, wish some of my friends had this to avoid some rain disasters!

3) 17 Perfect Definition Eyeliner in 'Onyx'. £2.89.
I like this eyeliner. Not as much as my Rimmel on as it is quite dragging to apply and if you want serious colour you have to press quite hard, not what you want around the eye area. With that said it doesn't smudge easily so if you want a bold lined eye this is for you.

So basically if you were going to buy something from the 17 range, it is worth buying something else for this gift.
Also found a little gem, the All About Nude 17 Palette s only £1.50 on the Boots website here.
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Friday, 22 June 2012

17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

I spend too much money in Boots. It's a fact! I'm lured in by their points and their vouchers.
Anyway, moving on....
Looking for a new bronzer? Why don't you try this one, 17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks.

They really are rocks, look at the size of them! They are a mixture of light pink and bronze-gold rocks (on the swatch the first is the pink rock, the second the gold rock and the third the two combined). They have a subtle shimmer on the skin, not to glittery but perfect for when the sun is shining.  I wouldn't recommend for very pale skintones as the gold rock is quite a dark colour apart from that they are definately worth the £4.99 pricetag.

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NOTD - Nail Of The Day

Hi everyone. Today I present to you my newest nail creation with Collection and Models Own nail varnish.

I used Collections 'button moon' (3 coats = lots of effort) and 'BMX Bandit' (1 coat = winner!). I love BMX bandit, it has to be one of my favourite nail varnishes. With that said the formula of 'Button Moon' is absolutely pants, 3 coats and was still streaky therefore why I decided to try and solve this by putting Models Own 'Juicy Jules' over the top which I think worked, made my nails look a bit more glam!

I reccomend picking up a few Collection polishes as they are only £1.79. Everyone loves cheap beauty products!
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Body Shop Buys: Under £3

I love the body shop. I really do. You go in and there are fruity smells everywhere, it's like a party in your nose. With that said I don't shop in there too often. However I found 3 Beauty Buys Under £3 that if you don't already have, you should.

1) Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Satsuma Shimmer. £2.00.
This smellts absolutely devine. Just like satsumas (suprisingly). The Pot Lip balms are really good value for money, they are very moisturising and they are perfect to pop in your bag. The satsuma shimmer does have little golden glitter particles, but as the swatch shows they aren't overpowering and they aren't gritty on the lips which is always a bonus. They do other flavours too so if not this scent, definately pick up another!

2) Facial Brush with Lid. £3.00.
Not going to lie, I was cynical when I picked this up. It is tiny (the same size as the above lipbalm) and I thought it would take loads of effort to exfoliate the face with. I'm glad I bought it though. It's great to use with a cleanser as the bristles aren't scratchy and after rinsing the face is left smooth. Win.

3) Strawberry Hand Cleanse Gel. £.2.50.
I love cleansing gel as it makes me feel clean. I like this hand cleanse gel as it makes me feel clean without smelling like I'm in a hospital. It smells lovely and is a handy handbag size. Plus it fits in my pinny at work so I  can be clean on the go.

Have any of you tried any of these? Let me know below :)
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No7 Mineral Perfection Blusher in 10 Soft Damson

Because of the recent £5 off No7 Voucher that was avaliable I have many products from this range. I'm not really a blusher person as I have naturally rosy cheeks, but with £5 off I was willing to give one a try.
I present to you: No7 Mineral Perfection Blusher in '10 Soft Damson'.

It's a nice rosy pink with minimal shimmer. It's very pigmented so you've got to be careful when applying it otherwise you'll have a bit of trouble! I like that it comes with its own brush - yes, its a bit scratchy (well thats a lie, its very scratchy) but it does apply the blusher well and blends it out. It's perfect for soft blusher when going for a more natural look, not too pink and looks lovely when blended.

Best thing is the price: £9.00 full price or £4.00 with a voucher.

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No7 Beauty Bargains

Got a spare £5 off No7 Voucher lying around?  Here a few ideas on what to use it on (rather than on the face wipes).

1) No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make-Up Remover. £7.75 (£2.75 with Voucher).
Cuts through waterproof mascara like there is no tomorrow.  Shake, apply to cotton wool and wipe.
It DOES leave an oily residue behind but that can be easily wiped off.

2) No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour. £7.00 (£2.00 with Voucher)
I bought 'Crave Me' a corally red. It's such a summery colour, goes well with any colour clothing. 2 coats and your off. The brush is quite wide too which is a bonus.

3) No7 Eye Contour Brush. £7.25 (£2.25 with Voucher)
This brush is AMAZING for blending and it's soft. Gets right into the crease. Its good quality (I haven't experienced shedding, even after washing). Just over £2 for a make-up brush? Yes please!

Remember these are valid until 15th July, so check your purse or ask friends and family (thats what I did).
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Glossybox June 2012

Getting a Glossybox is like marmite. You either love the box or you hate it. As soon as they land on your doorstop there is a fluffy of excitement to open it. Then the reviews go online (same as this one really). Did you get the 'good' box or the 'bad' box?

June 2012 seems to be a good month. May I present: The June 2012 Glossybox:

What did I get you ask?
1) Yves Rocher France Mini Mascara ultra-volume Sexy Plump
Firstly that is a very long name for a mascara. It's tiny. Should be good for a night out or handbag usage. The brush looks massive. I did apply this to the lashes and they had 'volume' but I don't know about 'sexy'...
Would I pay £16.90 for the full size? No. Why? It's not fantastic.
2) BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer
I like make up in Beauty boxes, my whole reason for signing up. I like the colour: a goldy brown shimmer with no glitter particles. The problem I have with this sample is the size. The pot is tiny. How are you supposed to get a bronzer brush in there? Without getting it everywhere that is. But I like the color a lot. May use for contouring.
Would I pay £8.00 for the full size? Probably! Why: Its a pure mineral bronzer that does what it says. Its not an overpowering  colour either = win.
3) Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
It is just me, or by putting the logo on it they have automatically make it look like a 'cheap' product? Maybe I'm picky. I do actually like this brush though. It doesn't pick too much product off, and it doesn't feel like straw down your face.
Would I pay £15.00 for the full size? Maybe. Why? Because I've discovered Real Techniques brushes and I think they are better.
4) Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick
Quite excited by this I've seen lots about it in the beauty world. And its a generous size. Go Glossybox. Will try this out on the next night out I go on (tomorrow) as its only then I really wear 'heavy' makeup.
Would I pay £19.00 for the full size? Will get back to you on that.
5) Clean Start Kit by Dermalogica
Now this, for me, is the best product I've seen in a Glossybox for a while. I've tried them out before (Topshop student night goodybag) and I did like them. The best thing is they've given us the three-step, so you can try it out as a skincare routine per-se.
And the moisturiser has SPF in. I am NOT going to lecture about the benefits of SPF blah blah but if its there and you don't have to go out of your way to put it on surely thats a good thing?
The toner is a spray too which is really awesome. Try putting it in the fridge... its a lovely spritz to the face.
Would I pay £12.00 for the full size? I would. Why? Awesome for travelling.

So in a nutshell: I like it. This box shows what a beauty box should be like. However, would have loved some HD brows pluckers. Do you agree?
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NOTD - Nail Of The Day

The Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.....
Or not.

In order to try and channel summer I have gone for bright and shiny on the nails. I present:
Models Own 'Beach Party' and Technic 'Carnival'.

Models Own 'Beach Party' comes out matte, but I think it looks better glossy. Oh, and its streaky and a nightmare to apply. But the colour is pretty amazing.
Technic 'Carnival' is pretty much a dupe for the coverted OPI 'Rainbow connection'. But at a fraction of the price. Win! If you click Here it will link you to amazon, where this polish is £2.05 with free delivery. Enjoy!
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The Grand Introduction

Hello there!
I'm Charlie, a twenty something graduate from Nottingham.
I wanted to start a blog because I spend many, MANY hours reading about beauty related things.
I really want to focus on the products that are affordable and readily available as I don't have mucho dinero to spend on fantastic, amazing cult products. :(
I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of the internet.

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