Wednesday, 29 January 2014

MAC 'Snob'

When in New York I ventured into the MAC store. Among many other things (and a very high credit card bill to pay) I left with this. MAC Snob (Satin finish). A Light pink, cool toned which on the lips is similar to the colour of candy floss. Being a MAC lipstick, it almost smells like candy floss too. On the lips it glides on but it is rather drying.. if you've flaking, dry lips stay clear of this bad boy as it highlights every little flaw (as you can see in the swatch down below). For the payoff, it performs, being opaque in one swipe and it lasts 2-3 hours if you don't eat. Or drink.
The only problem I've found with this shade is pairing it with eyeshadow. Unless you are going au naturale, I've found it a tad hard to pull off (for my liking anyway) without looking like a young girl playing with her first lipstick! (Incase you were wondering, I pair it with a light grey eyeshadow and lashings of mascara).

So, what do you think? A staple in your collection or something to pass up on?

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Bakewell Soap Company Luscious Lips in Palma Violets

Whilst attending the #eastmidsmeetup back in October (oh so long ago) in the goody bag I recieved this little gem. At first I cast it off as nothing but a job move and a heater blasting in my face for 8 hours a day left with with a lip situation that made me look twice.

This is where I present to you The Bakewell Soap Co. Luscious Lips in Palma Violets*.  The Bakewell Soap Co. is handmade in Derby (not so far away from me at all, which is nice to know)  and make soaps and other products with natural and organic ingredients. A look around their website gives you a great insight into the company and their ethos. Normally not one for the homegrown product, I really like the way the website isn't too preachy and tells it like it is. Pretty awesome in my opinion and it will make me look twice at beauty products closer to home from now on.

So onto the review. Firstly.. yes. It smells EXACTLY like those childhood favourites which is especially nice on the lips, really pleasant. Made with Shea butter, Cocoa butter and Vitamin E they go onto the lip and stay there for a while, to guard against the dry and harsh elements. Unlike vaseline you can really feel that there is a layer there and it applies like a lipstick, not too hard and not too soft so you end up with it half way up your face and one touch and its gone forever. I used this solidly for a week and I really did feel an improvement. And let's just point out the applicator shall we? Easy to apply with a little dial so the product doesn't get smushed. Perfect.

As I'm sure you have gathered, I really like the product. It is £2.95 which is on par with high street lip balms so it's not going to break the bank. It is also free from parabens and petroleum based ingredients so you are paying for quality products rather than... well less than quality stuff.

What do you think? Will you be trying them?

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Monday, 20 January 2014

No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in 'In the Stars' and 'Star Shower'

If you read this blog, you will know I'm a big fan of the No7 Stay Perfect Range. I'm especially a fan when those lovely £3 off makeup vouchers come around. As they are out once again, I thought it only fitting that I shared some of the new polishes available to you.
As always, these polishes only require one coat and are long wearing. They do have a a high shine element but a top coat will add that extra diamond shine, so to say.

My favourite is 'In the Stars'. A multi tonal top coat glitter that adds subtle shimmer to any polish. Add it to a nude = work acceptable glam. Add it to pink= super girly barbie nails. Add it to a dark blue= an interesting, comment inducing stunner. It's not one to wear alone as you really don't experience the full benefit of it. This polish is a must have, an essential for any nail lovers collection as it gives you so many more options for your nails. Jazzy!

Star shower is a metallic brown shade with tiny blue and gold glitters giving it a interesting shimmer when hit by natural light. It isn't too IN YOUR FACE so again, one that you could style on your nails in the working environment. It's a sophisticated colour, and not one that many will like but it is a hidden gem, something you may well look over whilst perusing the stands at No7.

So there we have it, two options on which you could spend your money on.
Now just call me an enabler.

£6 here.  Or wait until the money off vouchers are knocking around :)

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

MUA Luxe Power Brow in Mid Brown

Last year was the year of the bow, a trend that is still going strong and looks unlikely to be fading into makeup history anytime soon. Wether it be a tad defined, bold and beautiful or thick the brow is the perfect tool to finish the face off, tidy it up and polish up your appearance without having to do too much.

A not so new contender for being the ultimate brow tool is the MUA Luxe Powerbrow. A wind up eyebrow pencil with a highlight to lift the brow as well as add definition. I've been using the shade mid brown, and lets just say I won't be putting it down anytime soon. The pencil is soft, but not too soft, making natural looking strokes easy to achieve but with more pressure a defined brow is in within reach too. The highlighting aspect of the pencil is a bit hit and miss as it is very gold, but once blended properly it does give the illusion of a higher lift.
The packaging of the MUA Luxe line is just that.. luxurious (when compared to their other offerings). The gold lettering does rub off however the tube is sturdy enough.

As you can see it adds a lot of definition without breaking the bank. Please excuse the tired eyes, but I wanted to show the product on its own to show how good it really is in polishing the face up without any other makeup. Super awesome, am I right? And quick. Like 'I-have-2-minutes-to-get-ready-for-work' quick.

So.. why do I love it so much?
Thats cheaper than a Starbucks!

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

NOTD - China Glaze 'Fast Track'

Perhaps a little belated, baring in mind this came out a while ago, but now the new Catching Fire movie is out I'm kidding myself into thinking that this late post is ok. Yes, I forgot about this little gem. China Glaze 'Fast Track' from The Hunger Games Capitol Colour Collection.
It is a beige, nude shade with very finely milled gold glitter throughout which gives it shimmer rather than shine. In normal light it can look quite subtle and plain but when it catches the light it really does shine. Meaning that for all you ladies that are restricted from wearing anything jazzy on your nails due to work can sport this colour and get away with it.*

And its £4.52 here.

*this isn't guaranteed, I take no responsibility if not!
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