Friday, 29 November 2013

SEVENTEEN Quicker Slicker Colour in 'Wishing Star'

Beautiful, beautiful nails! SEVENTEEN Quicker Slicker Colour in Wishing Star.
Another new polish found whilst perusing Boots. This time a duo chrome, a silvery gold mix that in certain light looks purple. In the above photo it is layered over a metallic gold polish which really sets the colour off. This polish really is a compliment gainer, it catches the light and changes colour so it looks different all the time. Perfect, and fitting, for the holiday season ahead. 
If you really layered it up I think it could become opaque but over a similar rosy gold toned polish it really does become a show stopper.

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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lush 'Dream Steam' Calming Toner Tabs

Good evening all!
I bring you today a review of something that I bought on a whim. And we all know how they go. Epic win or epic fail. So what do we have here? These are the Lush Dream Steam Calming Toner tabs. A mouthful? Totally. So what are they? A steamer mask to help clear skin and doubling up as a toner that you can use after the steaming (so not a total waste!). What does Lush say about them?

'A blend of oils for both mind and skin, skillfully presented in an easy to use tab. Steam clean your face whilst you inhale the mood-adjusting essential oils.'

 The main oils are lavender, rose, tea tree and chamomile blue which mix together to create a calming smell, not overpowering , and easy to inhale. When I purchased these the lovely sales assistant assured me they would help my dire skin clear itself up, and this point I was desperate so I would have tried anything. It's the same set up as any steaming.. you need a bowl, a big towel, some hot water and to ensure your woodwork stays in tiptop shape, a mat (that might just be me who needs that, after all I've already spilt a whole bottle of nail varnish remover over said table).

A little bit of fizzing later you are left with a yellow tinted water, and under you go. After 5 minutes I emerged, calmer, and with nicer feeling skin. No miracle though. The best bit is you don't throw the water, you keep it. You are left with a toner for your face which makes it pretty good value for money. If you use toner....

So I haven't really said what I thought up to yet and that is simply because I don't really know. To me it's a bit of a meh product. Yes, it is a steamer mask and did that job but it didn't work miracles and the toner water is okay if you use it. I tried and it rid my face of grime but I wouldn't hail it as an essential. I think it is just safe to say that I personally wouldn't repurchase but that doesn't mean to say I regret buying it. But I also don't regret buying another nail polish..

For £2.50 here, it may very well be worth you giving it a go. If you use toner, of course.
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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Bourjois Cream Blush in 03

Having never really tried a Cream blusher previous to this, plus the lure of Boots' recent 3 for 2 offering, picking up a Cream blush seemed to be a rather savvy idea. I decided on trying the Bourjois pots after recent reviews saying they were easy to apply and being the beginner that I am I wanted ease over skill.
I decided on 03, a soft pink which peachy tones. Perfect for fair skin. I'd just like to point out here the disappointment of 4 shades. Not exactly catering for every girl here now is it? I'd hope that in the future they will expand, because lets face it, they are onto a money maker here.
The Cream to powder formula seems to be a winner here meaning that there are no hair stuck to cheek incidents which I thought would happen (see I told you I knew nothing of Cream blush). Easy to apply? I like the blend ability of them (yes, now a word). You can pat them into the cheek with your fingers as they don't dry too quickly. Lazy girls take note though - a Real Techniques buffing brush seems to be the quickest, easiest and fuss free way to apply this. Literally, 5 seconds. Done. Dusted. Moving on...
I find they last a fair few hours - a touch up will be needed at some point in your day (good job they have a mirror!) and they are build able meaning if you want to rock the strong cheek then you can, with ease. They also smell of soap. A nice, floral soap way. Not a medicinal soap.

Finally, the price. £7.99, which is a decent enough price until you realise the tiny amount you get (2.5g). However, in this case, quality does prevail making this, in my eyes, a savvy purchase.
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Saturday, 9 November 2013

NOTD - Nails Inc 'Porchester Square' and No7 'Daisy Darling'

A nail combo match made in heaven? Perhaps better suited for easter (after all it bares a striking similarity to a Mini Egg) this combo is perfect for jazzy up a somewhat plain but polished look. Nails Inc Porchester Square (£9.35 here) is a classic, chic, on trend greige (grey/beige) an all-rounder, safe for work colour. However due to the upcoming festive season a bit of glitter turns this from safe to snazzy. I used No7 Daisy Darling from the No7 Summer collection (but available on the boots website for £6) to make it girly but gold and silver glitter would be great alternatives.
So, a different take on the beauty world favourite.. would you wear Porchester Square like this?
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

MAC 'Dubonnet'

What can I say about MAC lipsticks that I haven't already? Major Swoon.
Whilst sitting here this morning, watching my kitty knock all my birthday cards off, I decided to have a go. Talk about Dubonet.
A dark, vampy scarlet red, perfect for seasonal looks and the autumnal makeup look that hits our faces when fluffy scarfs and warm hats are taken out of storage. It's an unsung hero, no major hype in the blogosphere. Because it isn't too bright, it's an all rounder when it comes to suiting a skin tone. Pale girls, darker skinned types and everything in between will be able to pull this off which makes it pretty versatile, especially when it comes to makeup looks.
An amplified finish makes this lipstick easy to apply, creamy and rather pigmented. It's comfortable to wear, easy to apply and doesn't drag upon application. I think the fact it doesn't highlight flaws and dry lips makes this a win too.
Well... what more can I say. If i sing any more of its praises I might as well publish a book about it!
But take a look at the ones the bloggers don't talk about. Because that is where you'll find some real gems.

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