Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lush 'Dream Steam' Calming Toner Tabs

Good evening all!
I bring you today a review of something that I bought on a whim. And we all know how they go. Epic win or epic fail. So what do we have here? These are the Lush Dream Steam Calming Toner tabs. A mouthful? Totally. So what are they? A steamer mask to help clear skin and doubling up as a toner that you can use after the steaming (so not a total waste!). What does Lush say about them?

'A blend of oils for both mind and skin, skillfully presented in an easy to use tab. Steam clean your face whilst you inhale the mood-adjusting essential oils.'

 The main oils are lavender, rose, tea tree and chamomile blue which mix together to create a calming smell, not overpowering , and easy to inhale. When I purchased these the lovely sales assistant assured me they would help my dire skin clear itself up, and this point I was desperate so I would have tried anything. It's the same set up as any steaming.. you need a bowl, a big towel, some hot water and to ensure your woodwork stays in tiptop shape, a mat (that might just be me who needs that, after all I've already spilt a whole bottle of nail varnish remover over said table).

A little bit of fizzing later you are left with a yellow tinted water, and under you go. After 5 minutes I emerged, calmer, and with nicer feeling skin. No miracle though. The best bit is you don't throw the water, you keep it. You are left with a toner for your face which makes it pretty good value for money. If you use toner....

So I haven't really said what I thought up to yet and that is simply because I don't really know. To me it's a bit of a meh product. Yes, it is a steamer mask and did that job but it didn't work miracles and the toner water is okay if you use it. I tried and it rid my face of grime but I wouldn't hail it as an essential. I think it is just safe to say that I personally wouldn't repurchase but that doesn't mean to say I regret buying it. But I also don't regret buying another nail polish..

For £2.50 here, it may very well be worth you giving it a go. If you use toner, of course.


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