Tuesday, 8 January 2013

MAC 'Red Racer'

Today I have another rather special purchase to share with you. The Mac Satin finish lipstick in 'Red Racer', part of the Hey Sailor collection. I purchased this from a blog sale, after lusting after it many months ago but never having the guts to buy it (when I finally did Mac had sold out of it.. *sob*).
Firstly.. LOOK AT THE PACKAGING. Stripes! It is my most unique lipstick because of the stripes.. and I love it. However the colour is red with slight yellow undertones.. more of the classic red vibe. The colour itself is not unique.. there are many more like it out there. The satin finish means it is creamy with a hint of shine... I personally like my lips to be shiny but with such a bold colour I think you have to sacrifice shiny for colour.

With this lipstick you need a lipliner otherwise it will end up half way up your face clown style (and it's not halloween anymore so no excuse :/). Overall it is a lovely lipstick.. and the pigmentation is good. The satin finish does show up dry lip flaws so smooth lips are essential. If you come across this lipstick at a good price, buy it.. if not head down to your local boots store and find a similar colour for a fraction of the price (try the new kate moss matte lipsticks?)
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