Saturday, 14 September 2013

No7 Stay Perfect Foundation

A foundation match made in heaven? With the launch of No7s Match Made service, offering the perfect match, the allure of the perfect colour was too much to resist. Off I went to my local boots, had the lady brandish the funky looking machine at my naked skin and five minutes later I walked out with this. Stay Perfect is medium to high coverage with a natural finish also offering SPF 15 which is always  important in skincare. It promotes a long wearing formula that is moisturising, a claim I would personally agree with. The boots website says 16 hours, but I can't say I have tested this claim. It is a hardwearing formula though, covers dark circles and evens out my skin tone. (See me wearing it here) Lovely!
The colour spectrum is wide in this range, but the very pale or the very dark skinned may struggle to find their perfect match. But what do I think? Its my day to day, go to foundation. It lasts as long as I need it too and makes me feel confident. The price? Is it worth it? For £14 pounds, it is mid range, and compared to Rimmel and Revlons new offerings it could be seen as a little less value for money than those however the quality speaks for itself. Theres never a bad skin day when I'm rocking this.

Get it here.
Tah dah!


  1. Great post I have never used this brand before however my mum has and she loves it :) x


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