Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glossybox June 2012

Getting a Glossybox is like marmite. You either love the box or you hate it. As soon as they land on your doorstop there is a fluffy of excitement to open it. Then the reviews go online (same as this one really). Did you get the 'good' box or the 'bad' box?

June 2012 seems to be a good month. May I present: The June 2012 Glossybox:

What did I get you ask?
1) Yves Rocher France Mini Mascara ultra-volume Sexy Plump
Firstly that is a very long name for a mascara. It's tiny. Should be good for a night out or handbag usage. The brush looks massive. I did apply this to the lashes and they had 'volume' but I don't know about 'sexy'...
Would I pay £16.90 for the full size? No. Why? It's not fantastic.
2) BM Beauty Summer Warmth Bronzer
I like make up in Beauty boxes, my whole reason for signing up. I like the colour: a goldy brown shimmer with no glitter particles. The problem I have with this sample is the size. The pot is tiny. How are you supposed to get a bronzer brush in there? Without getting it everywhere that is. But I like the color a lot. May use for contouring.
Would I pay £8.00 for the full size? Probably! Why: Its a pure mineral bronzer that does what it says. Its not an overpowering  colour either = win.
3) Glossybox Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush
It is just me, or by putting the logo on it they have automatically make it look like a 'cheap' product? Maybe I'm picky. I do actually like this brush though. It doesn't pick too much product off, and it doesn't feel like straw down your face.
Would I pay £15.00 for the full size? Maybe. Why? Because I've discovered Real Techniques brushes and I think they are better.
4) Vichy Dermablend Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick
Quite excited by this I've seen lots about it in the beauty world. And its a generous size. Go Glossybox. Will try this out on the next night out I go on (tomorrow) as its only then I really wear 'heavy' makeup.
Would I pay £19.00 for the full size? Will get back to you on that.
5) Clean Start Kit by Dermalogica
Now this, for me, is the best product I've seen in a Glossybox for a while. I've tried them out before (Topshop student night goodybag) and I did like them. The best thing is they've given us the three-step, so you can try it out as a skincare routine per-se.
And the moisturiser has SPF in. I am NOT going to lecture about the benefits of SPF blah blah but if its there and you don't have to go out of your way to put it on surely thats a good thing?
The toner is a spray too which is really awesome. Try putting it in the fridge... its a lovely spritz to the face.
Would I pay £12.00 for the full size? I would. Why? Awesome for travelling.

So in a nutshell: I like it. This box shows what a beauty box should be like. However, would have loved some HD brows pluckers. Do you agree?


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