Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Lush Bunch Of Carrots

If you go into Lush this Easter there is a product you should pick up for novelty value alone. And this is it. I present to you.... a Bunch of Carrots!

Three carrot shaped bubble bars for £5.95. Same as any bubble bar really, swish around the bath to create as many or as few carrots as you so wish. This bit really does make me chuckle, after all I'm swishing a carrot around the bath...

The bubbles created are of decent size and the water will turn a pale orange shade.  Depending on how you like your bubbles these could either last you 6 baths or 12. Most importantly how does it smell? Luckily not of carrot - they are fruity and tropical (after all they contain grapefruit, lemon and Buchu (which is a South African shrub apparently) oils .

So this Easter rather than a chocolate egg, why not ask for a Bunch of Carrots?


  1. I saw these in Lush the other day and nearly picked them up, I definitely need to go back and get them they're so cute! Love all of the Easter things.



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