Friday, 7 February 2014

Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream

The ugly side of beauty. The bit that goes on behind closed doors. Perhaps not the most glamourous of subjects but today I'm talking hair removal. At the recent East Midlands Meet Up (#eastmindsmeetup) I received this in the pretty amazing goodie bag, so thought I'd give it a whirl.
The Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream* is a cream that removes hair within the shower, and is done and dusted in 10 minutes max. Sounds good already right? Especially as it claims to be 'smooth for up to 7 days'. All you do is spread it onto the skin with the provided spatula 2 minutes before the shower. This is where it gets a tad complicated. It's akin to icing the top of a cupcake... same consistency and same tool. Once you have the method down, it's pretty easy and it smells only a tad chemically and waxy. For this test I tried the legs as I figured it would be the easiest place!
Once in the shower you wait another 3 minutes then remove it (well.. scrape it off your skin) with the spatula. Luckily its quite ergonomic so it hugs the curve of your leg when you scrape. Then viola. It's done.

Outside of the shower my legs did feel silky smooth however in all honesty.. this isn't for me. Let's face it.. it is a lot of faff. It does last a little longer than the tried and tested shaving method but for noe, I'll be sticking with my trusty razor. Until the next hair-escapade!


  1. I found this too much effort too! xo

  2. So much effort! It doesn't even last that much longer.


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